T-marbouta – Empowering young girls through design Ø©

T-Marbouta Aims to empower disadvantaged teenage girls exposed to exclusion from the public sphere in one of Cairo’s informal areas due to the male predominance in state recreation facilities e.g. youth centers which are considered exclusive to males by residents and by turn restrict female accessibility within.
The project utilizes design and construction to serve the aim of a more inclusive public space while involving- alongside the teenage girls- boys, youth and parents and supported by a group of young professionals to (I) reclaim urban open spaces for girls, (II) draw attention to the problems faced by young girls in the area and have their voices resonate through art and design, (III) Tackle safety issues in the neighborhood and address them through design interventions.

*Work in progress, team building and brainstorming sessions. Nice Team ! @القاهرة