"Minimum one in eight people live in slums today according to UN- Habitat, averaging one billion people living in poor and insecure conditions. In light of the complexity of challenges that face human settlements development nowadays, an interdisciplinary approach is called for to tackle its entangled existence. Ecumene Studio is a research, design and build cooperative that focuses in bridging the gap between theory and practice for the development of Human Habitat. The diversity in backgrounds and topics of specialty of the ES tend to enable the orchestration of the numerated disciplines in each project and by such addressing the endeavor as holistic, innovative as possible. Our projects seek to inspire and meet the needs of those we serve."

  - Insaf Ben Othmane, Founder CEO

To offer decent living conditions for vulnerable communities

People deserve to live in better places where they can raise their families, feel secure, and feel empowered.

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  • Trombe Wall – A proof of Concept

    Climate change is a reality and people around the world are asking today more than ever for a drastic change. Oecumene studio believes in the strength of collaboration between researchers, social entrepreneurs, public and private sectors and local communities to join efforts to act for better future and adress global issues. We believe that innovation […]

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    HOUCH YGAMA’NA is a project that entails a participatory approach to redesign and construct more functional, child and community friendly spaces that fosters users of different age groups and enhances their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. The project is initiated and funded by UNHCR Community Support programs unit (CSP) in Egypt and implemented by […]

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  • Governance Vs integrated approach

    Background and Motivation My heterogeneous studies have allowed me to be aware of the importance of multidisciplinary practice and the significant influence of sharing knowledge. I have had the chance to be surrounded by anthropologists, sociologists, historians, geographers, engineers, architects, urban planners and artists during my studies and work experience. I have always questioned my […]

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  • An overview on spatial exclusion process in Tunisia

    Foreword: About Tunisia, corruption and anti-democratic government define the regime of Ben Alii that leaded the country during the last twenty five years. In this paper we will focus on this dark side concerning urban planning. Nevertheless and for the sake of objectivity, we have to mention that the urban planning in Tunisia have had […]

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