Ecumene Studio

-for Integrated Urban Development and Sustainable Architecture-

In light of the complexity of challenges that face human settlements development nowadays, an interdisciplinary approach is called for to tackle its entangled existence. Ecumene Studio is a research, design and build cooperative that focuses in bridging the gap between theory and practice in architecture and urban planning for the development of  Human Habitat. The diversity in backgrounds and topics of specialty of the ES evolving team enables the orchestration of the numerated disciplines in each project and by such addressing the endeavor as holistic, innovative as possible. Throughout this process, ES networks actively engages with local stakeholders (NGOs, experts, Craftsmen) in the area of intervention yielding capacity building of the local community while reaching the overall goal. Our projects focus on the process and on implementation (Construction) while experimenting new tools and ways of thinking.

In development fields, skills and knowledge in community development, conflict resolution, participatory approach, team buildings and tailored solutions had to be found to insure the project implementation,  to minimize costs and to maximize benefits while responding to the evolving needs and priorities along the project. We believe that Architecture is redefining itself today to become a process to build societies and new communities and transmit their leg through time. That is why Ecumene Studio is also an open source Lab that aims to rise awareness, develop research on a variety of topics and in particular “ARCHITECTURE”.

Key Thematic Areas / Areas of Practice

  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Integrated Urban Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
  • Human and Community Development
  • Urban Basic Services
  • Urban and Architecture Researches
  • Capacity Development
  • Design and Build Workshop
  • Construction

Our Team

Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni -Tunisia, Egypt, Ireland

Architect & urban planner, my main research interests revolve around the dynamics of urban transformations and development of urban policies around the world. Being aware of the importance of multidisciplinary practice and the influence of sharing knowledge led me to the foundation of Ecumene studio.

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Omar Wanas-Egypt,Ireland

Architect since 2010, I engage in projects that link research to the practical field where my main scope of focuses are on: Assessing and means of enhancing indoor conditions in buildings, Alternative means of construction, and the Design of educational spaces and their link to pedagogy.

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Ahmed Mohamed Nabil-Egypt

Architect graduated from the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Fine arts in Helwan University in Egypt in 2010. My main expertise is site supervision and construction detailing. I have been working for two years as a site supervisor in Cairo, Alexandria and Beni Suif in Egypt.

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Heba El Hanafi, Egypt

I am graduated from the department of architecture and urban planning, Alexandria university in 2016. During my years as a student I’ve been an active member of the civil society tackling various issues including environmental education, social enterprise and development.

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Layla Zibar-Syria

Syrian architect, graduated from Aleppo university 2010, recently finished my masters degree about temporary cities .. The way people push boundaries to make a room for their needs intrigues me .. Changing their place despite all the challenges .. Habits of life in a form of city components .. And

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Manal Fakhouri, Palestine, Germany, Jordan

Architect and Urban Planner, She graduated in 2011, and was awarded BSc. in Architecture from the German Jordanian University (GJU) in Jordan. In 2014, she received her MSc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design, a joint master program between the University of Stuttgart in Germany and Ain Shams University in

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Mohamed Badry, Egypt

(M.A.) in Heritage Conservation and Site Management that was jointly held between Helwan University (Egypt) and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany). I contribute in the cultural development of my home country through being an active member of national and international organization promoting Egyptian cultural heritage.

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Agent of Change
“Despite the overwhelming evidence of the contribution of volunteers to development, they often remain at the margins of the development debate.”— Helen Clark, United Nations Development Program administrator.We do believe that your participation makes a change! Join our Network of Volunteers and be an Agent of Change in Your Country.